Reminder- e-mail address submision to the Court Registry


With the latest amendments to the Court Register Act of 19 April 2019 stipulate the obligation to enter at least one e-mail address for all subjects of registration. In order for these rules to be implemented, the Ordinance on the manner of entry in the Court Register was adopted, which was adopted by the Minister of Justice and published in the Official Gazette 121/2019. of 11 December 2019, where it is stated in Art. 52 of the same.

All legal entities registered in the court register are obliged to submit the e-mail address to the court register. Some companies resolved this in notary offices with appropriate fees for notaries, which together with the court fee amount to around HRK 500.

However, you can also send a request for registration of an e-mail address by registered mail with a return receipt to the address of the Commercial Court where your company is registered.

You can enclose a letter with the request stating that you are submitting a request for entering the company’s email address in the Court Register certified by the seal and signature of all members of the management / director.
For submitting a request for registration or change of e-mail address in this way, no court fee is paid because the Decree on the Tariff of Court Fees does not prescribe the payment of a fee for the application form for registration or change.

At you can check if your company has already entered an email address in the Court Register.