Accounting Services

Limited Liability Companies with headquarters in Croatia

Accounting services that we offer:

  • Monthly VAT reports
  • Review and analysis of accounting records in accordance with International financial reporting standards
  • Preparing tax reports and timely payment of tax liabilities
  • Keeping business records: Booking journal, general ledger, cash register,VAT books of incoming and outgoing invoices and control books
  • Keeping records of fixed assets register with annual depreciation calculation
  • Account payables and account receivables
  • Payroll analys & reports, monthly paroll accounting and tax calculating
  • Analysis cost allocation and other records
  • preparation / and execution of payment orders
  • Preparation of outgoing invoices
  • Creating special reports at client request
  • Preparing reports for banks on client request

Limited liability companies with EU headquarters operating Charter in Croatia

  • VAT reports/ requesting Croatian VAT back
  • obtaining VAT (PIN) number if needed

Limited liability companies non EU countries

  • VAT registration/ obtaining VAT (PIN) number for legal charter cruising in Croatia
  • VAT reports for period of yacht rental when boat was in Croatia