Consulting Services

We offer consulting services for yacht charter business

Some of the questions that we can give you immediate answer:

– What is annual depreciation rate of a charter yacht?

– What is minimal income prescribed by Croatian authorities for a charter yacht, to have all my expenses accepted by tax authorities?

– What is VAT rate for yacht charters?

– Is daily charter having same VAT rate?

– Do I need a crew?

– Can I operate with Austrian flag?

– What do I need to operate yacht with German flag in Croatia?

– Do I need to have an office in marina to do charters legally?

– Do I need to have employees to operate a yacht charter company legally?

– Can I do bookings as an agency to other companies in Croatia?

– What taxes do I pay for salary?

– Why to chose charter management instead of operating one or two yachts by myself?

We have answers at all of this questions and many more!

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